Detlef Shrempf….

All righty, I just started this up yesterday, where I pick a random “forgotten” NBA star (mainly from the 90’s)— excluding the big dogs, like Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Hakeem Olajuwan, etc. And also, as a side note, I’m going to be posting these each day— or every other day on this blog…starting….NOW! So I’m sorry Latrell Sprewell, but you missed out on the blog idea from yesterday, you’re only on Facebook— you and your classy, inspirational ‘Spre-wheels' that you were a sponsor of back in the day— and the incident where you choked your former coach, P.J. Carlisimo— which somehow thrust you into stardom. So without further ado, I now move onto today's Forgotten NBA Star.

This one was on my list of people to put on here, and I didn’t plan to choose this one so soon, but I was catching up on some episodes of Parks & Recreation (great show by the way…Ron Swanson is the MAAN!), and he was a guest on there. So I had to choose him. 

Detlef Shrempf

The Legend Himself-- Detlef Shrempf

Born on January 21, 1963 in Leverkusen, West Germany, he played for the Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Seattle Super Sonics, and the Portland Trail Blazers, spanning 16 seasons, in which he was a three-time All-Star.

Sorry Dirk Nowitzki, but there’s only room for one German basketball player in the hearts of NBA fans and Detlef Shrempf beat you to it!

Out of all the players on the Seattle Super Sonics that went up against my beloved Bulls in the Finals, back in 1996, Detlef was the only who stood out. Sorry Shawn Kemp, and Gary Payton, but you guys only got where you did, because of one man…Detlef Shrempf. So we raise our glasses to you Mr. Shrempf, for leading the Seattle Super Sonics to the 1996 NBA Finals, without receiving the spotlight like you should have. You are forgotten no more!